Just a Sailor

originally published by Ballantine Books
an imprint of Random House Publishing
JUST A SAILOR is sold out at Random House
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"Just a Sailor offers a rare glimpse into the creation of a navy diver. Through training and into combat, Waterman paints a vivid picture of what life in the navy is really like." - Sherry Sontag Coauthor of Blind Man's Bluff: The untold story of American Submarine Espionage
"Steve Waterman was anything but Just a Sailor. He weaves a no-holds-barred story of his unique navy career with humor and an easygoing style. A great read." - Robert Gormly, Former CO of SEAL Team Six, Author of Combat Swimmer

"Just as Sailor pulls no punches. Writing with astonishing honesty (and no doubt a mischievous gleam in his eye), Steve Waterman has produced a big, brawling memoir that shows us a side of the U.S. Navy that most of us have never seen before."- Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author of Gravity, The Surgeon, The Apprentice, Harvest, Blood Stream, and others.

"Steve Waterman's voice is very unique - gruff, startlingly honest and dead-pan funny. This is an engaging and often hilarious memoir." - Stephanie Gutmann, Author of The Kinder, Gentler Military

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