To all whom it may concern:

Al Clark the Co-founder and former Director of Training of the Blackwater Lodge and Training Center and, Dale A. McClellan the former Senior Instructor of the Blackwater Lodge and Training Center, and John A. Matthews the former Lead Instructor of the Blackwater Lodge & Training Center are no longer affiliated with the Blackwater Lodge & Training Center. Nor is Special Tactical Services, LLC affiliated with the Blackwater Lodge & Training Center, although these individuals' voices, names, and images may appear on many of the Blackwater Lodge & Training Center promotional advertising items such as: videos, phone recordings, photos, web site, & published articles.
This information is merely being posted to clear up any misconception or misrepresentation as to the correct place of their employment and inform the public to their correct contact information.
The bios of the individuals mentioned above can be found below. Their current place of employment is Special Tactical Services, LLC. For any further information relating to these individuals or the training they provide please go to their web site at:
Thank you,
The STS management

Al Clark
President -Special Tactical Services, LLC

Serving 12 years with the United States Navy SEAL Teams earning combat decorations and becoming a senior advanced weapons instructor, Al focused most of his time on Maritime Counter-terrorism, leadership and management of deploying SEAL Team members, and the instruction & development of training required for these members to successfully complete their mission.
As the Co-founder and former Director of Training of the Blackwater Training Center, Al had implemented numerous Firearms, Instructor Development, Force / Executive Protection and Tactical Training courses for hundreds of Law Enforcement and Military Personnel.
"At STS we've brought together several subject matter experts to teach their specialties. This diverse and handpicked motivated team is solely focused on providing only the absolute best training available. We guarantee it"

Dale McClellan
Executive Vice-President -Special Tactical Services, LLC

Dale served over 9 years as a United States Navy SEAL operator. He was a Sniper and
Military Scout Sniper Instructor. For over 2 years he taught SEAL's in advanced weapons training, Sniping, and C.Q.C. tactics.
As the former Senior Instructor at the Blackwater Training Center Dale was directly responsible for teaching and developing various course curriculums for over 100 different military and law-enforcement agencies. His Combat and teaching experience as well as his hands-on approach to training is guaranteed to enhance your capabilities and better prepare you for the unpredictable ever changing reality of the tactical environment. Dale is also our Nationally Registered EMT -B
"At STS we guarantee that our unparalleled instruction will insure a realistic approach to training that will enhance your abilities no matter what level of operational experience you may have"

John Matthews
Firearm's Instructor & Gunsmith
John has 12 years in law enforcement, which includes service as a Police Officer &
Sheriff's Deputy. Additionally John served on numerous drug task forces in eastern N.C. during which time he worked both undercover narcotics and patrol. He is also the former Lead Firearms Instructor at the Blackwater Training Center and an accomplished Master Class I.P.S.C and 3-Gun Shooter.

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