Photos taken in 1973 during R D T & E trip to Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico with UDT-21 and NSWG

LT Brian Barbata leads a round of cards while Hatton, Pfeiffer, and Meyerholz look on. This was one of a few ways to kill time on the way to Puerto Rico aboard a 'Gator Freighter.'


View from the back seat of an SDV while underway on the surface.


LT Brian Barbata, OIC of the UDT-21 Detachment, and CDR Shaoul Ziv, CO of the Israeli Navy Commandos.


GMCM Everett Barrett instructs a couple of young Frogmen in the type of performance he wants from them on a test of underwater hand-held sonar.


Bruce McLawhorn, Katy (a WAVE), and Mary Waterman (deceased) enjoy some sun and a game of cards during free time. (Mary came down on vacation while I was there.)


BMCM Cornelius J. Leyden, one of the sharpest divers in the Navy and a damn fine cook. Note: Corny Leyden has since passed away.


Surface crew gets the SDV ready for a run to Vieques.


Peirce, one of the best SDV drivers in UDT-21.


This was one of the things we got paid to do while in Puerto Rico. Testing new explosives can be lots of fun.


View from standing up in the back seat of the SDV

LT Jim Harper checks his instrument array prior to making a test dive with the General Electric Mark 1500 Closed Circuit Mixed Gas SCUBA. (deceased)


LT Brian Barbata, LCDR Chuck LeMoyne, and CDR Shaoul Ziv prepare to dive the GE Mark 1500 Closed Circuit Mixed Gas SCUBA. (Chuck made Admiral and died of cancer a couple years ago.)


Joe Dearing

Chief Electrician's Mate "Filthy Phil" Philips. He had a saying for every occasion, and was one damned fine man to work with. He could hack the swims, too, in spite of his whale-like body.


Testing the new hand-held sonar.

Chief Electrician's Mate Scotty Slaughter. Scotty used to kill sharks one on one for something to do in his younger days. He spent a lot of time metal detecting while in Puerto Rico. (deceased)


SDV with safety diver still riding aboard.

SDV on surface with Vy Meyerholz riding in front.

Jack Squires. He was a good man. Unfortunately, he was killed in the Mediterranean a couple years after this photo was taken. (deceased)


One of the UDT men, 'Skinny Andy' Anderson, swimming out a survey line for some training with the hand-held sonar.


CDR Shaoul Ziv, CO of the Israeli Navy Commandos. He was a guest of Naval Special Warfare Group, Atlantic.


Philips, Squires, and Rowley loading one of the SDVs on the trailer.


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