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Standing watch on board the sword fishing schooner
Lister on the way to Lewes, DE, 1971
Photo by Bill McLellan (deceased).

The Lister, heading up the Eastern Shore.
We were gonna get rich on a treasure dive. 1971

Getting ready to climb into forward escape trunk
on board USS Tunny, LPSS-282, Vietnam, 1969

Ev Barrett (Marcinko's Sea Daddy) & Joe DiMartino,
nicest guy ever in the Teams. Both WWII combat veterans
and early UDT/SEALs, Puerto Rico, 1973

Ten below zero on a diving job. This is why I took up
writing. Millinocket, ME, 1987

Ralph Cline, an old friend and WWI veteran of
the Battle of the Argonne Forest. He was the subject of
Wyeth's painting, The Patriot. Spruce Head, ME, 1973
Photo by Mary Waterman

After I quit commercial diving, I had to get the hell away. Went to Newfoundland
for five days and shot pictures and made some friends.

Graffam Island, ME, 1970

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