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Andros Island, Bahamas, 1975

Steve Waterman, Graffam Island, ME, 1970

Spruce Head, ME, 1972

Project SHAD, Groton, CT, 1974

Walt Drinkwater, Graffam Island, ME, 1970

Sardine Packing Contest, Rockland, ME, 1972

SEAL Bar, Roosevelt Road, PR, 1973 (The guy on the extreme right is
Master Diver Tom King, now deceased.)

Sunset, Graffam Island, ME, 1970

Steve Waterman on the Song Ong Doc, Vietnam, 1969
Photo by Larry Whitehead, UDT-21

Anrdros, Bahamas, 1972
Photo by PHC Dick Johnson, Combat Camera Group

Mt. Misery, St. Kitts, Leeward Islands, 1972
Colleen Crowe, Roseanne Hernandez, Steve Waterman
Jim Crowe. Photo by Nigel Miles

Training Tank, 2nd Class Diving School, Little Creek, VA, 1973

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