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1960 BMW R/50 with Steib Sidecar, Suffolk, VA 1970
Photo by unknown

Lead singer, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Richmond, VA, 1970

Steve Waterman with DBM-9 16mm Camera, Andros, Bahamas 1972

Walt Drinkwater's Lobster Boat, Graffam Island, ME, 1970

Hell Week, UDTR, Little Creek, VA, 1970

Seaman Wildman, Little Creek, VA, 1970

Seaman Truckey, Little Creek, VA, 1970

Home on leave, South Thomaston, ME, 1970

Naval School, Diving & Salvage, Wash, DC, 1975 (The guy with the glasses is
HT2 Hill. He was my swim buddy.)

Standby Divers, Barefoot & Waterman
Dahlgren, VA, 1975
photo by unknown

Maine Lobsterman Walt Drinkwater

Walt Drinkwater, Graffam Island, Me, 1970

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