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This series of pages contains some of the photographs I have taken during the past 40+ years. All of the photos on the next pages were scanned from 35mm images taken with some kind of Nikon camera. Most were shot on Kodachrome. In the event there is no photo credit, you may assume I shot the picture. I have used this neutral gray background so as to enhance the colors and, in most cases have put a black border around the photos to snap up the contrast. This page should load in about 2 minutes on a 28.8 modem.


Steve Waterman

My two sisters and me in 1974

Pete Barnwell Crop dusting, Suffolk, VA

Brimstone Hill, St. Kitts, Leeward Islands, 1972

Seagulls, Ocracoke Island, NC, 1972

Junkie, San Diego, CA,1969

Skiffs & Float, Spruce Head Island, ME, 1970

Apollo 12, 1969
Photo by PH3 Bill Pozzi, UDT-13
Man in water is Steve Nash. The man at the capsule is Ernie Jahncke, III

Salvage of the tug BAY KING, Solomons, MD, 1971

Beldon Little, Salvage Master, Solomons, MD

Bay King after refloating from 55 feet of water.
(Larry Theorine and I did all of the diving on this job.)

Salvage crew. Beldon on left, unknown, Larry Theorine,
unknown, Skip Barber, Steve Waterman. By wheelhouse,
Jitterbug, (the skipper of Bay King), two guys from Bay Towing.

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