There are very few things lower on the planet within the human race than one who will cower in the corner when the shooting starts, yet come to the front and claim he was in the midst of it once the fighting is over. Unfortunately this fakery has become epidemic within our society. I am one of dozens of combat veterans who have taken it upon themselves, and at their own expense to ferret these scum out and expose them for what they really are. Coward is a word that should never be used on the battlefield, as every man reacts differently when bullets are flying. However, I do not hesitate to use it here, as I feel it applies as strongly as it ever could. If you didn't fight in a war, that is no dishonor. If you ran off to Canada or Sweden, I can live with that, but if you claim you were there and you were not, somebody is going to expose you for what you are. Then YOU can live with THAT! These days the newspapers just LOVE to write about fake veterans of all types.

If you know of somebody claiming to be a SEAL or who you feel may not be truthful, please email me and I will make sure the information gets into the right hands. We will be upgrading and posting our finds on this page as things progress.

INSTRUCTIONS: In order for us to give you information on a person you suspect is a fake SEAL, we need to hear from two, or more people who can verify that the person has told them they were a UDT or SEAL. Please include the suspected fake's name in the SUBJECT line of the email. If you don't give us your name, you will get no response. Fake SEALs can be verified about a heartbeat after we received the request. It is important that you give the correct spelling of the name, etc.

If you wish to send for a serviceman's records, fill out these forms. You MUST cite the Freedom of Information Act, or they will not honor your request. Form 180. This is a pdf file and anybody can open and print it. This is the official document to use, but you can use plain paper as long as the information is correct and worded properly. [front] [back]

Thank you.

Steve Waterman

If the person in question is not claiming to be a SEAL, you may write to the below address through the Freedom of Information Act and obtain information about military records. If they are claiming to be a former SEAL or member of a UDT Team, send email and we will check them out through the 100% complete and accurate database.

 NOTE, I CANNOT IMPRESS THIS UPON YOU ENOUGH!!! If you don't hear back within 24 hours, send yourself an email and then reply to it. Chances are you have a bad return address. This happens a lot!!!

        National Personnel Records
        Army (or Navy or Air Force) Military Personnel Records
        9700 Page Blvd.
        St. Louis, MO 63132
        In order to get this information, you should have the person's full name and their social security or service number. You can usually get the information without it, but must have their dates of service and unit. Good luck, and keep us posted on what you learn.

Thank you for your interest in exposing these fakes.

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