A water mine built by some industrious Viet Cong. The idea here was to have this thing out in the river in an area where a Swift Boat full of Frogmen or other Americans would get blown out of the water when the guy on the shore fired the electrical detonator. The VC would scavenge slightly used batteries that GIs left around and use them as a source of current. This one did not fire, or we got the guys before they could fire it. It was pulled to this point and blown up by one of our men.   

   On some days things just did not turn out well for the Viet Cong. This guy here had the misfortune to be on the wrong side that day. BM3 Bob Lewis of UDT-21 did some of the damage to him, but most of it was from the RUFF PUFFs firing into him after he was already dead. They then mutilated his body with their knives. That did not impress me very much.

 The good guys didn't always win. This is me standing in front of the bow section of a Swift Boat (PCF-43) that UDT-13 was riding when it was attacked from ambush by a good number of VC. The skipper, Ron Drosz, was killed and HMC (Doc) Worthington was also killed when hit by a B-40 rocket. All but one of the other UDTs on board were wounded, two of them quite seriously. As a result of this battle, Seaman Lowry was awarded the Silver Star and several others got Bronze Stars. Art Ruiz and Mike Sandlin were hurt the worst. Art was surveyed out of the Navy and came back in again later. The guys who started the fight got a dirt nap. I was not on the boat during this operation. At the time I was in another detachment. This firefight was the worst experience by any UDT Team in the entire Vietnam War.  


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